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Probability Tables

Some probabilities are especially suitable to calculate from tables. If we have two events with a range of possible outcomes then we can display these in a table and use the table to calculate probabilities. Suppose for example that we have two six sided fair dice. Each dice is equally likely to score anything from […]

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Probability and Tree Diagrams

The definition of independent events is that neither can affect the other: if A and B are independent then the probability of A happening does not depend on whether B has happened or will happen, and vice versa. There is an equation that we can use when two events A and B are independent: In […]

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Two Way Tables

Two way tables are used to display information. They can be used to find probabilities too. The two way table below shows information about the methods people go to school. Walk Bus Train Car Total Boy 290 131 52 101 574 Girl 408 49 13 144 614 Teacher 2 1 5 32 40 Total 700 […]

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