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Read the relevant OCR specification beforehand to know what is coming up in the exam:

OCR GCSE Maths Specification from June 2015 (J560)

OCR A GCSE Maths Specification (J562)

OCR B GCSE Maths Specification (J567)

OCR GCSE Applications of Mathematics (linked pair pilot) (J925)

OCR GCSE Methods in Mathematics (linked pair pilot) (J926)

OCR FMSQ Additional Maths Specification (6993)

We have the made the math notes relevant to all specifications but the units are based on the upcoming and most common specification which is J560.

The notes are as follows:

OCR GCSE Maths Unit 1: Number

OCR GCSE Maths Unit 2: Algebra

OCR GCSE Maths Unit 3: Geometry

OCR GCSE Maths Unit 4: Measures

OCR GCSE Maths Unit 5: Probability

OCR GCSE Maths Unit 6: Statistics