The Panorama Factory 5.3 Installer (Windows XP/7) Torrent Download

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Panorama Factory is a panoramic stitching program. Panorama Factory creates high-quality panoramas in a highly automated manner, a set of overlapping digital images. You can add a picture Zutendaal, VR export images in the form of web pages to create and tours. Software for correcting lens-induced disorders and creates or cylindrical or spherical projection image. Additional features include screen zoom, support for digital SLR, correction for barrel distortion, correction for brightness falloff and interactive controls. It is a kind of Factory Site allows you to create panoramas. Panorama Factory creates images rival those made by expensive rotational and swing-lens panoramic camera movement. Not only Panorama Factory to enable the creation of immersive VR world, also provides opportunities for art panoramic photographer who wishes to work from ordinary 35mm images or images taken with a digital camera. Panorama Factory supports JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF image format and QTVR, IVR, and PTViewer virtual reality formats. Virtual functions of the tour, if possible, and thus to increase the panoramic images and to create and update web pages and thumbnail indexes hotspots. Hotspots are used to link panoramas together. A set of panoramas showing that to be conjoined with the interior chambers of the singers in fact, to build, and the gate clicking possible to erase from his seat. Users can automatically create web pages and thumbnail indexes when the panoramic images are saved. Web pages and thumbnail indexes are created from templates. Some predefined templates are supplied with Panorama Factory, and users can create their own templates. Software optionally corrects for barrel distortion and for brightness falloff, two problems that are common to many digital cameras. And that is the very fact can be corrected, if necessary, will be able to interactively user adjustments. Automatic image alignment and focal length detection can also be adjusted interactively.

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Version: 5.3
Category: Multimedia|Graphic|Digital Photo Tools
Developer: Smoky City Design LLC
Size: 13 mb

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