Calculations Using the Binomial Tables for p Greater than 0.5

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Many binomial tables only tabulate symmetries up to 0.5. This does not mean we cannot use the binomial tables for any value of p greater than 0.5 – only that some manipulation is involved. The manipulation rests on thatrepresents the probability of success in most textbooks.then represents the probability of failure. Ifthenand we can use the tables with values of

Suppose we havewithand we want to findIf there areor less successes inattempts, then there must beor more failures. We can represent the distribution of the number of failures in n attempts aswiththen we find We can look upin the binomial tables so find

Suppose with the same distribution that we want to findThere areor more successes soor less failures. As before model the number of failures bythen We can look upin the binomial tables.

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