Quota Sampling

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Quota sampling is a non – random method of sampling a population when a population separates into several disjoint categories.

The Procedure for taking a sample is:

1. Decide on the categories into which a population can be divided

2. Decide on the number to be sampled in each catgory

3. Collect the data from individuals in each category unyil the required number of individuals from each category has been sampled

Quota sampling us used when it is not possible to use random methods, or when a random sample would return useless data – would you collect data from men on which brand of washing powder they use?


1. can be carried out with small sample sizes

2. costs are minimized

3. quick and easy to conduct


1. since the sample is not random, it is difficult to estimate the error

2. individuals may not be put into correct qouta

3. non – responses are not recorded

4. bias may be introduced

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